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CONFERENCE of California bar Associations

Each year, BALIF sends a delegation to the Conference of California Bar Associations, a group of attorneys from local, specialty, and minority bar associations across the state that are focused on improving California’s laws. The CCBA then helps the resolutions approved at the Conference become law.  The most recent law that began as a BALIF resolution submitted to the Conference was AB 1793 (2018).  This law requires the California Department of Justice to affirmatively identify past convictions for cannabis-related offenses that are eligible for recall, dismissal, or redesignation pursuant to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. 

BALIF’s representation and participation at the Conference is crucial to ensure visibility of the LGBTQI legal community at the statewide level and to bring LGBTQI issues before the Conference.  Members are invited to participate in the resolution drafting and review process even if attendance at the Conference is not possible.

Any member interested in authoring a resolution, weighing in on proposed resolutions, and/or serving as a BALIF Delegate to the Conference in San Diego, California on September 24-27, 2020 may contact the CCBA Committee at for more information.

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