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$40,000 for 40 Years Campaign
Thank you to our Donors

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            In honor of BALIF’s 40th Anniversary in 2020. The BALIF Foundation is conducting a fundraising campaign “$40,000 for 40 Years,” and we want you, a longtime BALIF supporter, to be a part of the campaign!  This special campaign is designed to provide a solid foundation for the BALIF Foundation’s charitable giving for years to come. 


Jessica Bogo

Jamie Dupree

Shay Gilmore

Alexander Touma

David Tsai


Ross Allen

Marvin Anderson

Joy Dineo

Jamie Dupree

Jeffrey Kosbie

Elle Lehman


Christopher Bowen

Aylin Demirci

Spencer Jones

Jesse Medlong

Michelle Roberts

Sean SeLegue


Jaime Delaye

Sayan Gomel

Jeffrey Jacobi

David Krause

Michelle Lee

Josh Mack

Kathleen McConnell

Leah Nutting

Nina Paul

Wayne Sobon

Samantha Stein

John Unruh

Christopher Vasquez


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