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18 Oct 2016 11:40 AM | BALIF Administrator (Administrator)

Hillary Clinton's voter protection team is looking for lawyers who are willing to travel to battleground states to protect the vote.  (Law students and people with paralegal experience are also needed.)

Is voter suppression still a thing?

In spite of recent court rulings, yes!  See this recent NY Times article:  
Some Republicans Acknowledge Leveraging Voter ID Laws for Political Gain .

If I go to a battleground state, what will I do?

You will monitor the polls on Election Day as a poll observer. The state voter protection team will assign you to work at a polling place. They'll train you in advance on state law and how to report and handle incidents at the polls.  You may also answer calls on the voter assistance hotline or take on other tasks.

What's the time commitment?

You should travel to your state no later than Monday, 11/7, and stay through Tuesday night until the last vote has been counted.

If you can arrive the weekend or the week before, you can help with Get Out the Vote (GOTV) activities like door-knocking.  

Are expenses provided?

No.  And you have to make your own travel arrangements.  (But think of the price we'll pay if Hillary is not elected.)  

If you have a place to stay and can house other volunteers, please let Victory Counsel know.

Can I travel with friends or relatives who are not legal types?

Absolutely. There will be plenty of GOTV activity for all. Just tell your state voter protection team when they contact you.

Do I have to go to Florida or Ohio?

No.  Lawyers are also needed in the swing states of: 





New Hampshire


North Carolina



Please fill in the items below and send your response to .

1. Name and address

2. Email

3. Cell phone

4. State(s) you are willing to travel to (indicate preference, if any)

5. Dates you can be there

6. Do you have housing there (and where)?

7. Will or can you have access to a car?

8. Please specify if you are a lawyer, law student, or have significant paralegal experience, and if you have special skills or experience.

9.  Please specify any languages you speak other than English.

10. Will you be traveling with any other volunteers?  Please indicate their dates and activities.

When will I know my assignment?

The voter protection team in the battleground state you have chosen will be in touch with you over the next several weeks.  If you have questions before you hear from them, email .

Reminder:  Get your absentee ballot 

If you are thinking of traveling, request an absentee ballot soon.  Each state has its own procedures, e.g., . Vote even if you are in a "safe" state as there will be other important races and issues on your ballot.

I can't travel, but what else can I do?

Recruit other lawyers to poll watch, host a grassroots fundraiser, travel to a swing state on the weekends to canvass. (Watch the video!) Volunteer here: .

Can I forward this email to friends?

Yes.  Please ask them to register with Victory Counsel here:  and someone will call them.

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