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Message from BALIF Co-Chairs (March 25, 2013)

25 Mar 2013 1:24 PM | BALIF Administrator (Administrator)
Hello BALIF Members and Friends,

At a recent BALIF networking event, I had the following exchange with a young lawyer ("YL"):

YL: I was told to come to this networking event. Who are you?

oN: My name is On Lu. Pleased to meet you.

YL: Do you do anything with this group? What does it do any way?

oN: Sure. I try to stay involved. BALIF represents the interest of LGBT legal professionals in the Bay Area, and...

YL: Well, since this is a networking event, is your firm hiring?

oN: Yes, we are for...

YL: How much do you pay?

oN: Well...

YL: So what does your firm do any way?

oN: We're an IP litigation boutique...

YL: Can I give you my resume to give to your boss?

I put down my martini and pulled YL aside. We had a nice chat about the right ways (and the wrong ways) to network. YL explained that he came from a top tiered law school that didn't teach its students how to network. This made me think about the job process that so many of our members are undergoing right now, and whether there was anything BALIF could do to better equip them. What resulted is BALIF's 2013 Career and Networking Expo - scheduled for Saturday, April 6. Our goal is simple - to help our members GET JOBS. More than anything, the Expo is designed to be practical. We want our members to walk-away from this event with information they can put to use immediately. Read more about the Expo below, and how this event will empower your job search. As of this morning, TEN employers (and counting) will be hiring for laterals, young attorneys, and law students at the Expo. For those on the job search, there is no wiser use of four hours on a Saturday afternoon.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Chelsea HaleyNelson & On Lu
BALIF Co-Chairs

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