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BALIF CCBA Resolutions to Law – Join Us in Sacramento on Leg Day, April 8th.

  • 08 Apr 2019
  • Sacramento, California

Please join us on April 8, 2019 in Sacramento for Leg Day 2019! We will be lobbying for a BALIF Resolution to become law. For many years, BALIF has proposed a CCBA resolution to address housing and searches of incarcerated transgender prisoners at CCBA. This year, with the ACLU, Lambda Legal, Trans Latin@ Coalition, Transgender Law Center, Equality California and Transgender, Gender Variant, Intersex Justice Project, Scott Wiener has sponsored a bill containing the substantive components of the resolution BALIF has passed through the CCBA Conference of Delegates multiple times. SB 132 (aka the Transgender Recognitions, Agency and Dignity Act or the Trans RAD Act) will enable incarcerated transgender people to be housed based on their gender identity unless their perception of their own health and safety needs requires a different placement, in which case the person shall be housed in accordance with their stated health and safety needs. Furthermore, the bill would allow for transgender people in prison to be searched by an officer of the gender identity that corresponds with the transgender person’s preference. Lastly, the bill requires prison staff to use the preferred gender pronouns and honorifics in all communications and documentation related to incarcerated people. You can learn more about the Trans RAD Act here.

We could really use a lot of support from BALIF members in Sacramento. Because this bill was a successful resolution at CCBA, CCBA’s lobbyist is scheduling meetings for BALIF members to lobby legislators. There will also be an opportunity to obtain CLE’s. Please go here to get a detailed schedule of events and to register. Also, please let Jen Orthwein at know if you are interested in attending.

Hope to see you in Sacramento!

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