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  • 23 Apr 2018
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The BALIF Foundation is the charitable arm of the BALIF Bar Association.  It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and donations to it are tax deductible.

The BALIF Foundation is offering its Summer Fellowship for  the amount of $2,500 for a law student working on legal issues impacting the LGBT Community during the summer of 2018.

Guidelines for the BALIF Foundation Summer Fellowship are as follows:

1.     The applicant must identify in detail applicant’s proposed use of the fellowship funds.  It could be to provide direct legal services to LGBT individuals through a nonprofit organization; it could be to do LGBTQI policy work; it could be another special project.  An applicant must be sponsored by an existing 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization or government agency with attorneys qualified, willing and able to supervise applicant’s work. 
2.    The BALIF Foundation prefers applicants with a demonstrated commitment to the LGBTQI community.  In your application, identify your positions and activities demonstrating that commitment.
3.    The BALIF Foundation prefers applicants with a demonstrated financial need. 
4.    The BALIF Foundation Summer Fellowship may be used to supplement other summer fellowships or income.  Applicant must disclose any other funds from other sources. 
5.    The deadline for the BALIF Foundation inaugural Summer Fellowship application is April 23, 2018.  Applications shall be submitted by email to with a copy to  The BALIF Foundation will announce the recipient of the Summer Fellowship by May 18, 2018.
6.    The BALIF Foundation will provide the fellowship funds to the sponsoring organization, who shall be responsible for paying the applicant for their work.
7.    Preference is given to projects that are at least 8 weeks induration.  Applicant is expected to work on the project between late May/early June and August 31, 2018.  Any proposed deviation from this schedule must be explained in the application.

Fellowship Responsibilities

If you are awarded the BALIF Foundation Summer Fellowship, you agree to the following:

1.     Inform the BALIF Foundation of any additional funding or income you receive for your project.
2.    Maintain contact with your BALIF Foundation board member representative (to be assigned upon awarding of the fellowship) to keep that representative informed of your progress and any issues that arise during your project.
3.    Advise the BALIF Foundation of any substantial changes in the project scope and schedule.  In the event of any substantial changes (such as an early departure), the BALIF Foundation may require return a portion of the award.
4.    State that the project was supported by the BALIF Foundation in any publications or written material that you produce during your project.
5.    At the conclusion of the project, draft a brief report describing your fellowship project which may be posted on the BALIF Foundation website or used in the BALIF Foundation’s fundraising or publications.  BALIF Foundation may use your name and a photo of you on its website or in fundraising or other publications. 

Fellowship Application Contents

The application should include the information specified below.  Please follow all instructions below. 

1.    Cover page.  This separate page should contain name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, project title, and the sponsoring organization name.
2.    Application.  The application (excluding attachments) may not exceed ten double-spaced pages and should contain the following information:
a.     Describe yourself, including year of law school, law school attended and any professional experience.  You may attach a resume.
b.    Describe your commitment to the LGBTQI community, including any leadership positions held and work in LGBTQI organizations.
c.     Project title.
d.    The sponsoring organization’s name, mailing address, email address and phone number of the attorney(s) supervising your work, and the general types of law and/or types of services in which the sponsoring organization specializes.
e.    Project issue and expected impact.  This is a key component of your application and you should take particular care with it.
f.      Describe the problem or issue your project will address, including its target group and geographical focus.  Explain whether your proposal contemplates beginning a new project or if you will be continuing work already in progress.
g.    Overall project objectives:  Outline your specific objectives with the project, the tasks it will require, and the end product or results you hope to achieve.  Describe how your project fits with the sponsoring organization’s focus or mission.
h.    Provide the schedule for the project, including start date and end date and the number of hours you will dedicate to the project weekly.
i.      Include a description of all other funding sources for this project.  If you have funding/grant applications pending, please identify when you expect to receive notice of the award of grant and contact information for the other organization who may sponsor you.
j.      You must include a letter of support from a supervising attorney from the sponsoring organization confirming that the fellowship funds will be given to the organization to pay applicant during the course of the project.  
3.    Sign a certification that you agree the BALIF Foundation may use your name, likeness and a description of your project on its website, in fundraising materials, and in communications with its supporters and allies. 

Send your completed application to with a copy to by 5 pm on April 23, 2018.

Good luck.  Any questions?  Contact Jamie Dupree at or 415-399-3843. 

Click here to print a PDF of the fellowship.

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