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Milo Beitman

Milo_BeitmanGrowing up, Milo aspired to be a Hollywood stuntman. Now faced with finding a job after law school, jumping from moving cars is again looking appealing. The law student representatives are hoping to increase student involvement through a series of events and continue to build a strong law student network.

Law Student Representative

Milo M. Beitman received a BA in International Relations with a minor in Women Studies from Mills College, and a J.D. from Golden Gate University (GGU) with a specialization in international and public interest law. While in law school, Milo interned at the California Appellate Project defending underrepresented death row inmates. Milo also interned with Global Rights advocating for mine workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and worked abroad with the Queer African Youth Networking Center in Ghana and Nigeria working with LGBT community groups. Additionally, Milo clerked for the Honorable Chief Magistrate Judge Maria-Elena James in the Federal District Court. At GGU, Milo served at the Co-Chair of the Queer Law Students Association and the LGBT Committee Chair for the National Lawyers Guild.

Milo was born in France and tries to get back home whenever possible. Milo's interests include soccer, boxing, meditation, yoga, and travel.

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