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Lindsey Kincaid

Lindsey graduated from Mills College in 2013, with a Bachelor of Arts focusing on painting and sculpture.  As a student, she was introduced to consumer law practices by a colleague and began working as an investigator for a small plaintiff’s law firm.  There she researched consumer products—many of which were tools of her trade—that caused cancer or reproductive harm to consumers.  Lindsey currently works alongside legal professionals as a hybrid litigation assistant and legal secretary for Gibbs Law Group, a plaintiff’s side law firm that seeks to protect individuals and class members from corporate misconduct.  She’s also a member of the firm’s diversity, equity, and inclusion task force, promoting diversity and inclusion through employee engagement, training, and community outreach.  As a non-licensed legal professional, Lindsey sought to find her place at the table, and found BALIF’s Galas provide her a place where her interest in the law, passion for volunteer work in her community, and both personal and professional goals intertwine.  Lindsey spends most of her free time in the outdoors: hiking, camping, and backpacking.  On the weekend you’ll find her on the trails with her trusty camera, seeking a digital memento, or in her home studio, editing photos and painting.  Her current body of work focuses on identify formation and was featured in a gallery that promotes creating creative spaces for BIPOC, folks in the LGBTQI+ community, and female-identifying artists.

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